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Looking for a way to add extra value to your blog? Have you been umming and ahhing about what your next move should be? Take the next step in your blog’s journey - dive into SEO and push your blog towards success. 

It's time to wipe EVERYTHING you know about SEO from your mind - chances are it’s wrong, or misinformed. You wouldn’t go to a plumber for a new logo right? So WHY would you get SEO knowledge anywhere else other than directly from the experts? Our nerds are constantly testing and innovating to ensure our methods are the BEST and most effective they can be. BloggersSEO gives you access to all their knowledge, without the fluff surrounding other courses.  

SEO isn’t a quick, one-off solution that can be completed in only a few weeks. It’s time to start thinking of SEO for what it is - a new way of life for your blog. As your site evolves, with growing content, updates and new directions, you’ll need to constantly evaluate if it’s still delivering the results you’d like - and how you’ll achieve them if it isn’t.

HOW can something like this be possible in a matter of weeks? It simply isn’t. Constantly updating and assessing the health and performance of your site is no quick fix. Our subscription course is here not only to change your perception of SEO, but the overall direction of your site - taking it towards success, and away from a life of ongoing mediocrity. You’ll be closely guided through initial setups and introductory optimisations, all the way to advanced adjustments and self-evaluations.

A new style of SEO.

We’ve taken the difficulty out of SEO with our brand new SEO Superheroes course - it’s here to guide you through the lifetime success of your blog. Each month, you’ll receive two NEW topics to work through, and a whole accompaniment of extras to support you.

On top of monthly classes, you’ll gain access to our popular SEO Essentials course right from the get go, for no extra cost! We’re throwing in BONUS access to our Industry Advantage classes, AND any free content will automatically be added to your account. You’ll get access to all this IMMEDIATELY when starting the course, to work through when YOU’RE ready.

Motivation and spare time usually come in unexpected waves, and we know that not everyone can devote a certain amount of time EVERY single day, or work to our schedule. You’re here right now, interested in SEO - and we’re giving you everything you need to get started. Begin your journey with more content than you need, and you'll never run out of things to action, investigate or discover. Dive straight in with everything you need to get started, right from the get go!

SEO is constantly evolving - so we’re only looking ahead to the next SEVEN MONTHS of content. What’s next? Who knows?! We do, actually… as our bloggers progress through this course, we’ll use their feedback and needs as a base for our course's progression. Imagine being able to shape a course around YOUR needs, and gain immense benefits along the way - this is YOUR chance!

What if something new comes up? We've got you covered! Our Industry Advantage class is here to keep you covered with urgent updates. Every time there's a change you need to make NOW, a new class will appear in your account as soon as humanly possible! You'll be one step ahead of your competitiors, AND Google's algorithm changes - all for FREE.

That’s a LOT of content to work through, and a long journey ahead - but don’t worry, you won’t be alone. You’ll gain access to our subscription course only community where you can ask UNLIMITED questions about the course, share your successes and network with other bloggers.  


Two NEW classes each and every month.

Access to ALL our Industry Advantage classes.

FREE access to our SEO Essentials mini course.

Entry to our members only #SEOsuperheroes community.

Exclusive access to our in depth resource library.

Worksheets, cheatsheets and guides for each class.


THE CLASSES Here’s our class forecast for the next SEVEN MONTHS! Remember, if there’s any urgent topics & industry updates, you’ll be the first to know how to implement & rectify them as they happen, for FREE.  

EACH CLASS GETS: - Content video: Our team guides you through topics, explains the greater context, what you’ll need to action, HOW to do it, and give you an understanding of exactly what it means for your blog in the short and long term.  

- Worksheets: Brainstorm, complete and work through our videos. Each module has the right amount of worksheets for that topic - we don’t limit the amount of value you’ll get!  

- Resource library: Our nifty hub of information - you’ll find links to every product or tool we mention, AND ‘how to’ videos on basic use of our demonstrated tools, for easy reference.  

Get off on the right foot: To ensure all our bloggers are on the best possible path for SEO success, we’re throwing in our SEO Essentials course for FREE with every subscription purchase. Why? Because HOW can you get started if you don’t know the basics? We want to set you up for success and to get the most value out of our course, not rely on you failing and purchasing another product. Our SEO Essentials course is yours at no extra cost. This mini course can be completed in a single day, or worked through at your own pace. Consider it your ultimate setup guide before moving onto larger optimisation tasks.

Don’t go it alone! There’s a reason so many courses offer Facebook group access to their members - because it’s a great way to EXTEND your knowledge! Your subscription gives you access to our exclusive (name) Facebook group - SEPARATE to bloggersSEO Support). This is your unique chance to ask ANY course related questions, with NO quotas. We’re here to help you every step of the way, through our content AND your SEO journey. There’s also the nifty benefits of networking with other bloggers, and a chance to brag about your success!  

Industry standards, all the time. SEO is a constantly evolving and updating industry. Our main class content will always be updated to reflect the evolving industry and techniques - but that’s not the best part. When there’s big changes that need to be implemented ASAP (such as moving to HTTPS) you’ll see a new class appear in the ‘industry updates’ section - ready for you to action, at no extra cost! You’ll be ahead of the crowd, avoid penalties and be on top of best practices. This section will continue to be updated throughout the life of your subscription. 

Resource library We talk about A LOT of resources and tools in our course, and we don’t expect you to keep track. Our resource library contains EVERY tool or site we refer to, with nifty summaries to help you navigate the best options for your site. Taking it one step further, there’s a short video guiding you through the basic use of every ESSENTIAL tool you'll need. If we mention it in passing and you want to know more, we've made it easy to find out more. If you’re not sure how to use a tool, there’s a video guide showing you exactly how! No vague instructions or dead ends here.

Worksheets & guides Who doesn’t love a good worksheet? Well, not everyone and that’s okay! Each class comes with a selection of worksheets, cheatsheets, brainstorming prompts, or technical instructions, ON TOP of informative & instructional video classes. While not essential to complete each topic, our worksheets are a handy guide to work through content, breakdown, brainstorm topics and TRACK your progress!  


WP Engine Migration Your hosting could be bringing your blog down. Easily make the move to WP Engine's specialised hosting for WordPress. You AND your blog will benefit from a range of features, including increased security, urivalled customer service, ease of use and automatic backups.

HTTPS Migration Is your blog unsecure? Don’t be caught by Google’s ‘non-secure’ warnings - they’ll appear on your site from October 2017, unless you make the move. Be guided through the process and understand exactly what it means for your blog, and what you’ll need to keep an eye on. 

Site Audit Before you go anywhere else, find out where you are! Gain a clearer understanding of your site’s functionality and relationship with Search Engines. Highlight areas for improvement across your site, and discover potential actions to improve the overall health of your site.

Site Speed Don’t let your site get stuck in the slow lane. A quick-loading site is not only positive in the eyes of Google, but your audience as well. Fast sites have higher rankings; lower bounce rates and longer browsing times. Learn how to analyse your site’s speed and make improvements.

Google Analytics Ever wondered how your site is really performing? Google Analytics allows you to find out who's coming to your site, how often, where from, and WHAT they're doing on your site.

Content consolidation Are you being held back by old SEO techniques? Having target pages for every possible keyword or phrase leads to a poor user experience. Consolidate content to improve UX, build your authority and improve rankings.

Search Analytics Search Console's inbuilt organic search monitoring allows you to track the performance of phrases & landing pages, impressions, clicks, and details about your users. It is useful for identifying new sources for growth, and potential areas for improvement.

Internal linking Extend the lifespan of each and evey post on your blog with effective linking between content. Improve your audience's experience on your site, increase content views AND improve your analytics stats.

Theme analysis Your site’s theme holds everything together - it’s a combination of branding, styling and purpose - but is it delivering what you need it to? Themes can be SEO goldmines, or total failures. 

SEMrush - with Olga Andrienko We’re all about experts and being top in our field - Olga Andrienko from SEMrush shows you how to get the most out of their comprehensive SEO tool. Find out more about your site’s relationship with keywords, backlinks, brand positioning, organic & advertising.

Screaming Frog for bloggers You COULD figure out every bit of missing content, duplicate items or errors by working through every. single. page. on your site with a 20-point checklist, somehow tracking what changes need to be made. OR, you can use Screaming Frog. Up to you!

Render blocking - auto-optimise Render blocking occurs when your site spends unnecessary time loading background information, BEFORE content the user can see. For every second your site appears to be loading nothing, more and more of your audience leaves before even seeing what they came for.

Structured Data A little bit of hidden code can tell the Googlebot even more about your site than you’d ever imagined. Learn how to give search robots in depth information about your content, without bothering your audience!

AMP How are you reading this right now? The world’s Internet use is leaning heavily towards mobile devices, and Google is taking notice. Make sure your site is performing at optimum levels for mobile users, or suffer the consequences.

Rich Cards Who doesn’t love a bonus? One small change within your content could take it from your blog post, RIGHT INTO Google’s search results!  

Permalink changes The ideal URL is descriptive, but concise. Filling your links with extra information does not benefit your audience or your rankings. URLs should be short, easy to type, and understandable - for both the user & Google. 


Why monthly releases? Life gets busy, and being thrown thousands of pieces of information isn’t the best way to improve or manage ANYTHING in your life. Our drip-feed delivery gives you the TIME you need to sit down, work through tasks and THINK. Every task will open a new door of opportunities, and it’s important you consider how each change affects your blog as a whole. Why? So you don’t have to repeat! If you carefully action and consider each topic, take a break and get your questions answered, you’ll be in the PERFECT position to move onto the next class more prepared than ever.

Why can’t I pick and choose? Our course is designed to be a complete solution - guiding you from low rankings and slumping traffic to running the blog of your dreams. What happens when you build a ladder and skip a few steps? You’ll fall. Our course is precisely laid out in an order designed to get the best results for your blog. While it is not essential to complete each step before the next, if you want optimum performance and amazing results (why else would you be here!?), it’s important to understand how different tasks interlink, and contribute towards one another. If you’re serious about your blog, you’ll take every opportunity you can to improve it.

What if I’ve already done a topic? Unless you’ve already completed this course, you HAVEN’T done SEO like this before! Backed by years of industry knowledge, experience, hard work AND innovation, our content is worlds apart from other offerings. It’s worth working through every topic throughout the course, to get the most value for your blog - you never know what you’ve missed.  

Can I still see my previous classes? YES! For the entire life of your subscription, you’ll be able to see EVERY module that you’ve covered. We’re all humans, and sometimes you need a little help remembering a topic, or understanding a skill. Your success is based on knowledge - luckily ours is freely available throughout your subscription. 



What if I'm not on WordPress? We love WordPress and find it to be a highly customisable and pratical CMS, while having the most options for optimisation. If you're not on WordPress, a lot of our content will STILL be applicable to your site, but may involve further research to action correctly on your platform. Certain options such as plugins may not be available for your site, and implementation is most likely done with different steps. Our themes and concepts however are applicable to all sites, and are highly beneficial regardless of platform. We teach the WordPress way, but that doesn't mean it's the ONLY way!

Is there a minimum time? Nope! Cancel at any time. We know you’ll love our course and bundles of added value SO much, you’ll be around for the life of your blog. It’s easy to justify staying when your results will soon outgrow the initial value!  

What if I want to pause? You can pause your subscription at any time. Pausing will result in removal from the community group, but you’ll be welcomed back with open arms when you resume! All modules previously covered will be readily available when resuming subscription. You can pause your account for a week, a month or however long you need!  

What if I want to resume? That’s easy! Send us an email at [email protected], with your preferred re-commencement date, and we’ll reactive your account - right from where you left off. All the value and benefits will be right here, waiting for you!  

How can I get help? Our specialised group is open to you throughout the life of your subscription - there’s no limits on the amount of questions you can ask! If you’re stuck, want to know more or where to go next, our team is right here waiting. If you want to know more about the course, our company, or have any further questions (including accounts and payments) email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you ASAP.  

What if I don’t like it? We happily offer a fourteen day money back guarantee during your first month of subscription. Contact [email protected] if you’d like to discuss your subscription. Remember, you can pause your account and resume at any time - no questions asked! 

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