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No matter where you are in your blogging career, sometimes you just can’t get the results you’ve worked so hard for. You follow all the steps, read 1000 guides and try 100 new things – but nothing is lifting you up. You’re stuck in a rut, and you can’t quite find that boost to get you out.

Enter, bloggesSEO!

Getting you out of that rut, that slump, that UGH feeling is what we do best.

Well, that and SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. Yeah, *sigh* boring right? So forget what it stands for, and focus on what it offers:

MORE devoted readers
INCREASED conversions ($$$)
LOWER bounce rates

HIGHER engagement
IMPROVED user experience
BETTER performing content
HIGHER brand visibility

And all of that, with LESS MONEY!!

And there it is: the lightbulb moment. “THAT’S why you guys keep yacking on about SEO.” Yeah, we love it – not coz we’re a bunch of nerds (we are) but because there is SO much VALUE in SEO. We’ve seen countless bloggers unleash the FULL power of their blogs with just a few tweaks. A change here, an optimisation there. Then BOOM – readers up to their eyeballs. Money coming out their ears. We wish we were kidding, but we aren’t.

So get ready to say goodbye to blogging slumps. The bad days. That hopeless feeling.

We’re here to put an end to all of that. No more bleeding fingers from creating 847 Facebook posts in the hopes more people will make their way to your amazing content, only to be quashed by those STUPID social media algorithms. And of course,  all that work very politely followed by dropping traffic and plateaus in growth. Can I get an ‘UGHHHH.’

If you’re about to say “Hey, but doesn’t Google use an algorithm too?” – stop. Yes, they do. And it’s probably the most famous, controversial algorithm in the world. It updates a conservative 500 times a year, for one single purpose.

To deliver the best user experience possible.

And that’s EXACTLY the same philosophy you should carry for your blog. But you’re already doing that aren’t you? Working hard to produce your best content, perfecting it and desperately trying to push it to those you just know could benefit from it.

But, crickets. Tumbleweeds and dust bunnies as far as the eye can see. And that’s why you’re here isn’t it?

You’ve tried everything under the sun. The Facebooks, the Pinterests, the annoyingly un-chronological Instagram. Places you KNOW your readers are, but they’re just not biting. Social media is a double edged sword when it comes to effectively and consistently growing your blog.

Strike 1: Social readers are PASSIVE – they’re looking for their personal networks, and your content isn’t always exactly what they need right now.

Strike 2: THESE PLATFORMS WANT YOUR MONEY. You’ve seen it – the decrease in organic reach, and the push to  promote posts. Handing over your credit card details again, and again. Aaaaaand again.

You’ve created informative posts you KNOW your readers will love. You’ve pinned, shared and posted across every corner of the web, but those pesky social media algorithms are holding you back. Holding you back from reaching your BEST readers, and limiting your potential! It’s time to shift your focus away from platforms you don’t own – Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and whatever the teens will be flaunting next. Forget them.

Focus on what you do own. You! Okay, well more your blog, but it’s really an extension of yourself isn’t it? So why not improve what you own, instead of pouring money into someone else’s trust fund?

Your blog CAN be a viable, stable source of income. And it’s time to unlock its power!


See how easy it is to improve your results!

Take Nikki of SkinnyMixers for example - Nikki came to us with a problem, and the solution was waiting right at her fingertips. In just five (FIVE) months, Nikki added an extra 200,00 readers PER MONTH to her site. Not overall. An extra two. hundred. thousand. people reading her content, each and every month. And as good as some of our team is at photoshop, this is a REAL graph - a screen grab straight from Google Analytics.

Blogger Traffic Increase with DIY SEO SkinnyMixers

Let's put this in context - Nikki's data is a comparison on two different, five months apart. While five months sounds like a long time, it's a relatively short time in SEO land - ESPECIALLY with the results SkinnyMixers achieved! So what changed?

60,000+ EXTRA USERS (real humans, looking at her stuff) to her site.

200,000 EXTRA SESSIONS on top of what she was already getting.

Plus, a decreased bounce rate (meaning more people stayed and explored her site) and increased time on site - meaning more eyeballs on her content, for even longer than before!!

The best part? This is JUST traffic finding SkinnyMixers through organic search results! While that sounds super fancy, it's actually just people who typed a question into Google, saw Nikki's link and clicked through - NO extra work to be done!!

If right now, you’re feeling a little distant from Nikki, that’s okay, Everyone has to start somewhere, BUT the important thing is EVERYONE has the chance of getting there! It’s all about finding the right guide, and a solution that truly meets your blog’s needs. And guess what? You’ve found it!!

Let’s bring Nikki’s story back to earth for a second - all the way from dreamy numbers and AMAZING income, to something you might be experiencing right now.

Before we rolled in to fix all her woes (we never said we were humble), Nikki was still doing everything she was meant to be doing - she was pinning, sharing and engaging. She’d build herself a solid community of loving readers, but something was missing. She KNEW there was SO many more readers out there, just waiting to find her posts. But they couldn’t. They were locked out, unable to find her posts that were just perfect for them. She LITERALLY had what they needed, but couldn’t get it to them.


Her ideal readers - the people who needed and LOVE her content the most, simply couldn’t find it. She was locked out of Google! Okay panic attack aside, locked out figuratively, not literally. But, if you haven’t taken the steps to optimise your blog, there really isn’t any difference!

Your posts - the ones you’ve worked SO hard on - could be hidden from THE BIGGEST source of traffic around.

Good old Google. Why is it so important? It’s THE place people go to find things, isn’t it? Whether you’re looking for a plumber, or a healthy Thermomix recipe (heyooo, that’s what Nikki does!), or the best way to get a red wine stain out of your carpet, you turn to good old trusty Google. You plug in a question (even if it’s a poorly constructed one) and under a second later, BOOM - your answer is waiting right there. And another answer, and another, in case you weren’t happy with the first.

But you never really need to go past the first result do you? It’s usually EXACTLY what you need - and that’s why Google is just so. damn. good. - they literally deliver THE best answer available, out of the thousands and thousands of posts available across the web. They look at over TWO HUNDRED factors on every site to determine just how good it really is, and compare it to similar sites (that’s your competitors!!) to decide just who deserves to nab the coveted top spot, and who deserves to be waaay back on page 8. Or, (eeek!) not even appearing at all!! :( 

And you know what? Your content IS that good. You know it. And I know it. How can I possibly know that? Because you’re HERE. You’re looking for that perfect way to share your content with those who need it most. How to share a part of yourself, to help others. And isn’t that what blogging is really all about? Helping others.

So now, it’s your turn to help Google. Poor, mega company Google. But they don’t want your money - they want your information - as much as you can offer! Search engines just like Google are powered by robots. Robots that try as they might to take over the world, simply don’t get humans. The inferences, the context, the subtext. Your readers get the full human experience and love what they get - but poor Google’s robots are left out in the cold! They see hard words and numbers, and are left to use only these to compare your blog to other, similar sites.

So how can you be the best pal to robots going round? You simply have to TELL Google just how great your content is - work with it, not against it to help it understand your content. Oh, and they also can’t see - meaning all your beautiful images are lost on them, unless you SHOW them!

And more importantly, help Google understand just how your content can help OTHER humans! Don’t forget - Google’s #1 goal is to deliver highly useful & relevant content.

But you’ve already got that don’t you? All you need is a little guidance - how to properly optimise and target your content. How to get in front of your ideal readers. How to SKYROCKET your traffic. And we're here to help with SIXTEEN beginner friendly, blogger specific classes (plus two bonus classes!) to help your content be SEEN by Google!

Course Structure
Keyword Research

Understand how users engage within your niche, and how search engines interact with your site.

Identifying the terms you currently rank for provides insight into how Google views your site, and will help to increase existing rankings and targeting of other key phrases.

Content Structure

Google loves well formatted, regular content. Good content structure helps both the reader and Google understand what's on your site.

Adding a few extra simple steps to your content creation process can easily boost rankings.

Search Console

Learn how to correctly set up Google Search Console for sites you own.

Previously Google Webmaster Tools, Search Console allows the user to submit sitemaps, monitor crawl issues and errors, and manage indexed pages.

Yoast Configuration

Learn how to install the YoastSEO plugin on your WordPress site.

YoastSEO is a popular WordPress plugin designed to simplify basic SEO processes, while still allowing for in-depth configuration.

Site Audit

Before you go anywhere else, find out where you are! Gain a clearer understanding of your site’s functionality and relationship with Search Engines. Highlight areas for improvement across your site, and discover potential actions to improve the overall health of your site.

Site Speed

Don’t let your site get stuck in the slow lane. A quick-loading site is not only positive in the eyes of Google, but your audience as well. Fast sites have higher rankings; lower bounce rates and longer browsing times. Learn how to analyse your site’s speed and make improvements.

Google Analytics

Ever wondered how your site is really performing? Google Analytics allows you to find out who's coming to your site, how often, where from, and WHAT they're doing on your site.

Search Analytics

Search Console's inbuilt organic search monitoring allows you to track the performance of phrases & landing pages, impressions, clicks, and details about your users. It is useful for identifying new sources for growth, and potential areas for improvement.

Content consolidation

Are you being held back by old SEO techniques? Having target pages for every possible keyword or phrase leads to a poor user experience. Consolidate content to improve UX, build your authority and improve rankings.

Internal linking

Extend the lifespan of each and evey post on your blog with effective linking between content. Improve your audience's experience on your site, increase content views AND improve your analytics stats.

Theme analysis

Your site’s theme holds everything together - it’s a combination of branding, styling and purpose - but is it delivering what you need it to? Themes can be SEO goldmines, or total failures.

Permalink changes

The ideal URL is descriptive, but concise. Filling your links with extra information does not benefit your audience or your rankings. URLs should be short, easy to type, and understandable - for both the user & Google.

Screaming Frog for bloggers

You COULD figure out every bit of missing content, duplicate items or errors by working through every. single. page. on your site with a 20-point checklist, somehow tracking what changes need to be made. OR, you can use Screaming Frog. Up to you!

WP Engine Migration

Your hosting could be bringing your blog down. Easily make the move to WP Engine's specialised hosting for WordPress. You AND your blog will benefit from a range of features, including increased security, urivalled customer service, ease of use and automatic backups.

HTTPS Migration

Is your blog unsecure? Don’t be caught by Google’s ‘non-secure’ warnings - they’ll appear on your site from October 2017, unless you make the move. Be guided through the process and understand exactly what it means for your blog, and what you’ll need to keep an eye on.

And while your Google traffic increases, so does your brand awareness. People get to know you. What you have to offer. And they start telling their friends.

You become the first in their mind, their favourite source of information. They can't get enough, and follow you where they can - in turn, growing your social media presence. Soon, they'll throw Google to the wind - instead, they'll head straight to your site, IGNORING your competitors.

How can you achieve this? All you need to do is get your great content in front of your readers. You've got the content covered, and we've got THE best way to get your name out there. Devoted readers are built through VALUE, and higher Google rankings simply show them what you already have to offer!

And you know what it took to get an extra 200,000 visitors to Nikki’s site? Six changes.

And again, a little louder for the people in the back: SIX changes unlocked 200,000 extra readers. And you can bet those secrets are all hidden right inside this very course!

Imagine what you could achieve with a course that covers FIFTEEN different areas of your site - breaking down into ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN (yikes!!) different steps

Best of all? It's entirely up to you what you do, and when. Once you're a fully qualified SEO Superhero, we're preeetty sure you'll have THE best site around! Your competitors will be chomping at the bit watching their traffic dwindle as yours increases, and they'll be eating your dust as you head towards success!

But what about between now, RIGHT NOW, and when you complete the very last class? Well, if you choose to do nothing right now, not much is going to change. You'll keep plodding along, seeing the same results as always. OR, you could join our #SuperSquad - even ONE change, one class implemented today could see AMAZING results overnight! Each and every class, every step will take you closer and closer to the blog of your dreams.

So what do you say? Are you ready to take your blog from zero to hero?

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