Dreaming of increased site traffic and greater conversions?
bloggersSEO can show you how. Our specially designed system teaches you how to rank your WordPress site higher in Google, increasing exposure to your ideal audience.
Sound familiar?

You've spent hours poring over your content - drafting, editing, proofreading. You know the best stock photo galleries, or have taught yourself photography and styling. You've forked out real cash for blogging courses, ebooks and seminars. You've put your heart and soul into creating the best, most relevant posts, but you're still not getting views.

Where is your audience, and why aren't they connecting with your brand?

No matter how much work you put in, if Google can't SEE your blog, you'll struggle to get real results. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is key in getting your site seen by your audience and ranked well by Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Why do you want to rank well?

Ranking well isn't a want, it's a NEED! To stay sustainable (let alone profitable) your business needs people looking at your content and engaging with it. Whether it's reading blogs to drive affiliate advertising, paying for ebooks and courses, or selling physical products, you can't make money unless people are SEEING your products.

It's all in the name.

bloggersSEO was created for – you guessed it – bloggers. Not SEO experts, digital marketers or tech gurus. We're for entrepreneurs, business owners and everyday people who might be a little afraid of the digital world but are determined to get their voices heard. The bloggersSEO system runs on a “no experience necessary” premise that means you'll never be left behind or feel out of your depth.

What is bloggersSEO?

bloggersSEO was created by our SEO mastermind, Jim Stewart. Jim's been focusing on SEO since 1999, and founded our parent company (StewArt Media) in 2002.

After all these years, we realised there's one thing bloggers do better than anyone else: create amazing content.

Whether you've got a mass of content behind you, or are just starting out, most bloggers only need to follow simple instructions to properly configure their site. We've created an SEO course designed to help improve your site, no matter where you are in your career.

We've spent two years perfecting our course – before the ProBlogger Event 2016, we thought we were ready to launch. Being on the ground with real-life bloggers, at all stages of their careers, allowed us to realise we had SO much more work to do. SIX MONTHS later, we were finally ready. Six months of feedback, contributions, revisions and new ideas.

Now, after months of continual growth, our course is exactly what our blogging community needs. Part of our success and pride in our products has come from this ability to step back, analyse and re-think our work – and we never stop. All of this has allowed our bloggersSEO System to grow more than we ever thought it would.

SEO Essentials
SEO Superheroes
The Industry Advantage
Our courses are different.

Our philosophy encourages small, continual improvements to your site – exactly like the services our parent company (StewArt Media) offers to corporate clients. SEO is not a ‘set and forget' technique, and we won't pretend an intensive, one-off overhaul is the best approach. We also won't promise to make you the ultimate SEO expert in one short course – that takes years of knowledge and experience.

What we will teach you is easy to follow and USEFUL steps to start growing your audience. The information learned from us is yours to keep – and you'll be using it far more than you'd think. Our techniques will be your first point of call when creating content, and will soon become second nature.

Check out Google's guide to hiring an SEO. bloggersSEO and StewArt Media only work with Google's best practices; sticking to these guidelines to achieve results. Closely following these recommendations is known as White Hat SEO. Black Hat SEO is techniques that focus on dodgy practices that go AGAINST Google's guidelines, such as buying spammy backlinks and keyword stuffing. Google is actually our friend – their constant updates work to combat bad SEO, to ensure search results are always as relevant as possible. Google works endlessly to ensure the searcher's experience is prioritised over a business's desire for profits.

This doesn't mean SEO is hard – it just means following Google's instructions and playing by the rules to see results. bloggersSEO is here to help you learn the best ways to improve your site, in a simple and beginner friendly style.

To get you started, we've launched the SEO ESSENTIALS starter kit - covering our four top tactics to get your WordPress site heading in the right direction. This course provides an easy introduction into basic SEO and our techniques, while preparing you for further learning.

Experience The Difference

Skinnymixers.com.au are one of our first adopters. Within FIVE MONTHS (a relatively short time in the SEO world) they achieved outstanding results.

After implementing the bloggersSEO program in August 2015, their site saw an additional 204,884 sessions during January 2016.

Not only did their sessions increase, they received 37,193 more NEW users to their site in January alone. On top of this, their bounce rate decreased and visitors browsed more pages, for longer!

Our Courses
SEO Essentials

Four essential topics neatly packaged to get you started. This pack is a great place to start if you want to dip your toe into SEO!

  • Keyword Research: HOW is your audience finding your content, and how can you reach them better?
  • YoastSEO: Utilise and correctly set up our favourite SEO plugin
  • Search Console: Your direct link between your site and Google
  • Content Structure: You've heard it before - write for the USER, not Google. But HOW can your post be SEO friendly?
SEO Superheroes

SEO can be overwhelming, and the work is always ongoing. To reflect this, we’ve released our new, month-by-month course.

Be guided through the first steps of optimisation, all the way to a healthy & successful site.

  • Access to two NEW classes every month
  • Includes SEO Essentials, to give your blog the best start
  • Industry Update modules at NO EXTRA COST
  • Walk-through videos, detailed instructions AND worksheets
  • Access to EXCLUSIVE resource library & blogging community
The Industry Advantage

Search Engines are constantly updating their algorithms and recommendations to combat dodgy techniques, and make the web a safer place. When Google announces a major update, HOW can you be up to date?

We release a new module EVERY TIME there's an essential task for our bloggers.

  • Get access to our essential recommendations and be ahead of the crowd.
  • Covering a range of topics from beginner to intermediate, across all areas of your site.
  • Currently available: WP Engine hosting Migration, HTTPS Migration (Cloudflare DNS Migration)