SEO Essentials Course
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SEO Essentials Course

Our SEO Essentials course covers the setup of Google Search Console, installation of YoastSEO, researching keywords, and structuring content well. This course is your first step toward improving your site's rankings. Gain fundamental skills and a basic understanding of the capabilities of SEO and how it will impact your site.

100% beginner friendly, these modules introduce basic SEO concepts and set the foundation for future learning. Available as individual components or a lusciously discounted package, the Starter Kit is a solid introduction to implementing SEO.

Keyword Research
Yoast Configuration
Search Console
Content Structure
Each Module Includes
Demonstration video

Our techniques put into action on REAL sites, providing further understanding of what you're doing, why, and desired results.

Step-by-step instructions

Clearly showing processes, what to select, where to click, etc.



Course Topics
Keyword Research

Understand how users engage within your niche, and how search engines interact with your site.

Identifying the terms you currently rank for provides insight into how Google views your site, and will help to increase existing rankings and targeting of other key phrases.

Yoast Configuration

Learn how to install the YoastSEO plugin on your WordPress site.

YoastSEO is a popular WordPress plugin designed to simplify basic SEO processes, while still allowing for in-depth configuration.

Search Console

Learn how to correctly set up Google Search Console for sites you own.

Previously Google Webmaster Tools, Search Console allows the user to submit sitemaps, monitor crawl issues and errors, and manage indexed pages.

Content Structure

Google loves well formatted, regular content. Good content structure helps both the reader and Google understand what's on your site.

Adding a few extra simple steps to your content creation process can easily boost rankings.

  • 4 Introductory classes
  • Lifetime access
  • Beginner focused, expert advice
  • Industry backed techniques
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