WordPress Blog Case Study

Nikalene started her WordPress blog (www.skinnymixers.com.au) in March 2014 with the aim of sharing healthy thermal cooking recipes and discussing diet and lifestyle choices. The blog is Australian based and Nikalene was actively building her audience via a Facebook group that now has over 97,000 members. She wasn’t using SEO techniques to raise the awareness of her blog, but wanted to increase traffic and rankings for keywords.


  • Fixed existing problems
  • Achieved number one position for key phrase
  • Over 300% Growth in traffic from Google
  • Over a 5 month period.

Who is Skinnymixers?

Born from a personal desire to lose weight, Nik, the owner of Skinnymixers, realised a lack of healthy Thermomix recipes in the cooking community. Having a passion for healthy cooking without sacrificing taste, she set about establishing a range of healthy recipes and lifestyle strategies that would cater for all dietary needs, including Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Vegetarian, Paleo, and many more. The success of the Skinnymixers site has seen the successful release of several cookbooks that have sold over 60,000 units.

The Brief

Nik volunteered her site to be used as a case study for bloggersSEO after being approached by Jim Stewart. Nik wanted to increase her rankings and traffic, but also had a desire to learn more about SEO that she could implement on her own site. She needed us to repair existing damage and configure the site so it would have the best chance to rank in Google. We quickly identified issues within the site that was resulting in poor rankings for keywords and phrases.

The Strategy

The blog had many common problems that meant a large list of actionable items to be completed. Some early work and achievements suffered a setback due to a technical issue, but the advancements were soon re-established. The site did not have Google Analytics set up, so that was soon rectified. As with all sound SEO tactics, changes were made to the site in incremental steps to ensure Google noticed those changes, before results were analysed and further changes enacted. The changes began with a clean up of the site index, followed by the removal of all duplicated content.

  • Cleaned up the Google index
  • Created one target page
  • Configured WordPress properly for search engines.
  • Made the site easier for Google to understand

The Results

  • Organic site traffic increased by 300%
  • bloggersSEO Results

  • Key phrase went from outside Top 100 to 14
  • After 4 months key phrase climbed to #4 and then #1
  • Identified untargeted key phrases for client to aim for
  • Established Google Analytics on the site
  • Increased rankings for other keywords due to changes

Future Direction

After applying the course content to skinnymixers.com.au, Nik and her team are now confident enough to enact the changes and strategies we recommended. bloggersSEO emphasises the importance of treating SEO as an ongoing maintenance issue, not something that’s done once then forgotten. We identified untargeted keywords and phrases that she should aim to optimise. Phrases such as ‘Thermomix recipes,’ have risen to as high as number 2 position purely through the work conducted on the site around the phrase, and the keyword ‘Thermomix’ itself, which the client is on page 2 for. We suggested that the client should create a review page for ‘Thermomix’ that would increase rankings for that keyword. The changes made to the client’s site thus far has resulted in Google liking her site as it sees its popularity, thus making future SEO optimisation easier. Nik is now equipped with the skills and knowledge to update and optimise her own site and to recognise ranking drops and how to fix them. The bloggersSEO system enables you to identify issues quickly and rectify any problems.