About Us
About Us

BloggersSEO is the brainchild of Jim Stewart, an SEO expert with 15+ years in the field and founder of StewArt Media. BloggersSEO draws on knowledge from a number of the experienced StewArt Media team, who work passionately to deliver the same level of service to our bloggers as we do our corporate clients.

Jim has been producing video blogs for 13 years, focusing on researching and explaining ever-evolving SEO news as it happens. We regularly contribute content to ProBlogger and SmartCompany (awarded their ‘Best Blogs’ title for 2013, 2016 & 2017) and Jim is a sought after speaker at digital conferences world wide.

During our endless adventures across cyberspace, we noticed there was a gap in the market – bloggers were vastly being left behind when it came to SEO best practices and necessary ongoing refinements. Jim, being the overly passionate nerd he is, wanted to fill this gap and take SEO to the masses. Just like that, BloggersSEO was born.

We’ve created a DIY system aimed at making SEO knowledge accessible and affordable for all WordPress bloggers. From the casual blogger to the well established, we’re here to help!
There are thousands of pages of content and years of video that exist across the Internet, solely dedicated to SEO. Sifting through all of these to find the information best suited to YOUR blog isn’t practical, and most often, the information is incorrect or outdated. BloggersSEO is your chance to get direct access to experts and all our glorious knowledge.

Every site has different needs, audiences and goals – not only do we understand this, we CHERISH it. Jim and the team’s experience spans across many years and a wide variety of sites and situations. While we can’t possibly have experienced EVERYTHING, we’ve certainly seen a lot, and this is what gave us the confidence to launch BloggersSEO.

If you haven’t already, head over to our community group and introduce yourself!