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Case Study
SEO SUCCESS: The SkinnyMixers Story

Meet Nikalene Riddle. Before we got in touch, Nikki was just doing what she does best - simply creating great content, engaging with her audience and developing a devoted community. But, she WASN'T doing SEO. Unsure of what was needed, or even how to do it, Nikki was leaving a large black hole in her audience. With bloggersSEO, Nikki reached HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of extra potential readers that were previously unable to find her fabulous content. Learn how Nikki Riddle & SkinnyMixers became one of the strongest brands around with SEO Superheroes.

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Learn what SEO actually is, and how stupidly great it is for bloggers. Will need to create a specific "SEO for bloggers" post that's nice and salesy, breaks down the kinds of tasks and makes it sound SUPER easy and enticing. Should also link to the results/case studies post.

We have a REALLY cool podcast full of awesome stuff. This could be the latest podcast and summary or just a general link to all podcasts. Should probably wire a little intro and cool facts.