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Have you ever considered implementing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) on your blog? Found it too confusing, or unsure of what SEO actually does? At bloggersSEO we make it easy for you. We’ve created an SEO system for bloggers.

Search Engine Optimisation for Bloggers, made easy

A how-to guide designed to increase visibility of WordPress sites in Google, boosting your traffic. Our program has already produced outstanding results, doubling traffic for our early adopters. bloggersSEO is a must for any WordPress user – our simple system allows YOU to be in control while getting ahead of your competitors. Our Facebook Support group is a great introduction and companion to our program – gain access to our free live training sessions, ask questions and learn techniques to grow your blog.

  • Simple and easy to follow guides
  • Increase your understanding of SEO
  • Learn how to grow your blog traffic
  • Join our Free Facebook Support group
  • See the results from your work


Learn from the Best!

Jim Stewart and his crack squad of StewArt Media geeks and marketers have simplified their SEO processes – creating a practical step by step guides for WordPress sites. Learn more!

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Find SEO daunting?

There are many parts to optimising your website, what do you try to tackle first? bloggersSEO gives you the system to implement SEO on your blog. It prioritises tasks, breaking them down into step-by-step instructions and shows you how to monitor and analyse these changes. Find out more

Step-by-Step SEO System

Learn at your own pace, with each session guiding you through our processes, assisting you to implement strategies and tactics to grow your blog. Gain extra access to case studies, where we demonstrate applying these techniques on real users sites. Complete the entire course, or hand pick modules to suit your needs.

Easy and Affordable

Enjoy the best of both worlds. SEO that you will be able to do yourself, under the guidance of an industry expert AND without the expensive price tag.

See the Results

By implementing the techniques in our course, you will significantly improve the health of your site, bringing more traffic and increasing exposure. Invest in the growth of your WordPress site now.

Don’t just listen to us, hear from our Bloggers who’ve had real results
bloggersSEO - Kylie from Kidgredients

When I first learnt about the importance of SEO at Problogger, I joined the bloggersSEO support group on Facebook. Since then, I have learnt so much and I now have a key post on my blog as number one for its keyword in Google. I’ve also managed to achieve 9 featured answers with rich recipe cards.

My traffic from Google has increased 45% since I started really digging into this aspect of my website, something I would never have had the knowledge or confidence to do before having the support of Jim and the bloggersSEO team. No question is ever too silly and every answer is a straight forward, no-nonsense response that helps bloggers like me to master SEO.

Kylie Archer – Kidgredients

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