7 Best Ways To Get Your Guest Post Accepted

One of the best ways to build your brand and extend your reach is with guest posting! There are COUNTLESS sites across the web that accept content from people just like you, with a steady stream of your ideal readers just waiting for you!

Each site has their own set of submission guidelines, requirements and available opportunities – make sure to check & follow their guidelines for the best results, and read our guide to getting started with guest posting before sending off your first submission!

To celebrate the opening of our Guest Posting opportunities, we’ve put a quick guide together on the 7 best ways to get your guest post accepted on bloggersseo.com!

1. Be Relevant

Our audience is primarily bloggers looking for THE best ways to improve their site. They’re down to DIY and are ready to take their success into their own hands.

The majority of our readers are female (but not by a lot!), in their 20s-30s. Some are just starting out, and others have been blogging for years – both looking for new ways to grow, learn new skills and refresh (or improve!) what they already know.

We don’t rule out opinion or experience based pieces – as long as they give context or explain a situation our readers might find themselves in!

2. Give Value

Highlight the key takeaways readers will get from your content. What will they learn, and how can they apply it to their blogs? Is the post the final solution, or an introduction to ideas and concepts? Be specific, and tell us what you’re going to talk about, and what makes your post different from the rest.

3. Tell Us About Yourself

We don’t just care about the content – we care about you! Give us your author bio spiel – how did you end up here, what do you love, and what can you share? Blogging is all about what YOU bring to the piece – so show us what you’ve got!

4. Own Your Voice

Jim & Liz could talk forever, and they’re certainly giving it a good shot… BUT we accept guest posts because we want YOUR voice! We’re the experts on SEO, and we know we’re beat elsewhere. No one does what you do as well as you! Your ideas, your knowledge… you you you! Let your personality shine and embrace how you connect with your audience.

5. Keep It Original

Okay, this point isn’t just focused on SEO – while we don’t accepted copy-pasted posts regardless, we LOVE fresh ideas. Stand out from the crowd by presenting a brand new idea, or putting a fresh spin & YOUR touch on essential skills and ideas.

Content that’s not repurposed or published elsewhere has the HIGHEST chance of being approved for bloggersseo.com 🙂

6. Leave The Sales At The Door

Great posts will NATURALLY encourage readers to visit your site to learn more. Your piece may centre around a pain point or idea in your products, but your product shouldn’t be needed to understand the post! You don’t have to give away your secrets, but don’t leave our readers hanging!

7. Be Patient

We’ll get to you! We can’t accept every post under the sun, and our quality checks are stringent – we only want to accept THE best & most valuable posts, so we put extra care into checking each application. This means it might take us a little time to get to yours, but don’t fret – if you’ve submitted, we’ll get to it!


Reckon you’ve got what it takes to help bloggers ALL OVER the world improve their blogs? Submit your guest post application now!

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