Skinnymixers WordPress Case Study

If you’re a passionate recipe blogger or home chef, then you’ll know all about the good ol’ Thermomix. To our American friends, we’re sorry if we’ve left you a little clueless – the beauty of these ultimate kitchen devices will be gracing your shores nice and soon. Until then, you’ll just have to deal with a mess of prehistoric kitchen appliances.

Thermomix is a high-end appliance with extensive international reach. The company has been able to base their success and many product incarnations from one idea to drastically reduce the number of kitchen appliances needed. So, one company thought of a solution to a common problem, launched a product and now see incredible profits across the globe. That’s awesome.


The SkinnyMixers Story

In 2014, Nik had a goal: a self-driven purpose and desire to better herself. Flash forward to 2018 and she’s fostered a community of 155,000 individuals following in her footsteps, with a range of cuisine inspired cookbooks that keep flying off the shelves. Last time we checked she’d sold over 66,000 copies of her books – that was several years ago, and we’re not brave enough to ask for the latest figures.

Nothing feels better than getting the recognition you deserve – in 2017, SkinnyMixers won Shopify’s Build A Bigger Business competition – taking out the award for Highest Percentage Growth. Next thing we know, she’s at the New York stock exchange, ringing the bell and opening the day’s trade – before promptly jet-setting with none other than Tony Robbins and being mentored by entrepreneurs most of us could only dream about.

All. From. One. Blog.

One small blogger, an idea and the drive to share her story. Nik’s journey has seen her turn simple weight loss ideas into a global phenomenon – and here’s how you can too.

A helping hand from bloggersSEO

As bloggersSEO took its very first footsteps, we needed a guinea pig – a blogger who’d let us into their site, tweak, manipulate and adjust. We got in touch with Nik, and she agreed before we even finished our sentence. That ready-for-anything attitude has helped drive her business from the get-go and allowed us to dive deep into her SEO.

Before we began working with Nik, she was actively building her community on social media – and we mean a real community, in the form of an active & engaged Facebook group – not just fan ‘likes’ and meaningless metrics. Other than that, she wasn’t doing SEO – none! I can promise you Jim felt a little faint when he first heard that.

While she’d already connected with a whole bunch of people who were lapping up what she had to offer, there was a whole MASS of readers she was missing. Until we teamed up with Nik, she was relying on finicky Facebook & social media algorithms to deliver her content to people who might be interested. It can be a great way to discover audiences in places you weren’t looking, but what about the ones who are looking for YOU?

Searching, searching…

Each and every day, people turn to search engines to find the answers they need. They plug in a question and are quickly presented with the best pages from across the web. But what happens when YOUR blog post is the best answer? Well, if you’re working on your SEO, you’ll appear in the search results. Perhaps even first! If you’re not working on your SEO, your post will be shoved behind HUNDREDS of others (if not thousands), or not appear anywhere at all – and your beloved reader will find their answers elsewhere.

This is exactly where Nik was – not ranking, and leaving literally thousands of potential readers out in the cold by ignoring SEO. People were hungry (pun intended) for healthy recipes and a spark of inspiration to drive their own weight loss journey. They were looking for answers, and literally searching for posts just like Nik’s, but they weren’t finding her. Her answers were being pushed to the side, dozens of pages into search results and behind literally hundreds of other posts – and none were as valuable as hers.

After only 5 months of behind the scenes SEO work, Nik’s traffic didn’t see a nice 10% increase. It didn’t even double. Instead, the number of people visiting her page each and every month increased by 330%. For Nik, that meant an extra TWO-HUNDRED THOUSAND visitors a month. That’s 6,600 extra virtual feet through the door EACH DAY.

New readers are waiting for YOU.

Regardless of where your traffic levels sit right now, consider that same percentage increase for your blog – even if you’ve only got 10 visitors a day, only a little bit of SEO later and that could increase to 50 visitors – and where to from there? Who knows!

It’s probably a good time to take a second and prepare yourself – right now. Sit down, evaluate how your blog is performing right now, and the stunning success SkinnyMixers has had. You’re probably thinking something along the lines of ‘Damn, I wish that was me!’ or ‘How did they do it!?’ Well, keep reading and we’ll show you how to unlock the secrets to see the same results. For REAL!

Little work, BIG payoff

I’m really hoping you sat down – because here’s the best part of Nik’s success. It only took SIX changes to her site for her to see such amazing results. Six changes saw her traffic skyrocket and audience grow immensely.

Now, as much as we’d love to say Nik’s story is the same fit for everyone, it’s important to remember your blog is just as individual as you are – each and every SEO journey will be a little different, but you’ll still see significant improvement with expert guidance. Nik was already doing a lot of things right and gaining traction before we stepped in with SEO, which only amplified all the hard work she’d already put in.

Nik went from no SEO, and no rankings for her keywords – as in not appearing the phrases that sum up her content, her brand, her mission. Not exactly a great look when thousands EVERY DAY wanted just what she had to offer.

When someone was looking for healthy Thermomix recipes, Nik’s blog wasn’t showing up. At ALL. She was nowhere in the top 100 search results, and traffic was simply being sent elsewhere. So what did we do? bloggersSEO took SkinnyMixers from zero, to hero. Literally!

After not appearing in searches that were most valuable to her brand, bloggersSEO helped Nik achieve her dream #1 ranking – for a highly competitive phrase. She’s doing so well, she ranks above the brand. Google knows people are after her recipes and prioritises her content over the company that produces the product. That’s pretty cool, right? Just a little bit of SEO work later, and Nik’s blog was capturing an extra 130,000 readers from Google alone. Before we dug our hands into her site Nik was missing valuable traffic in the hundreds of thousands!

Skinnymixers Organic Traffic Growth

Remember that ‘down for anything attitude of Nik’s I mentioned before? That’s exactly why she embodies everything that is bloggersSEO. We created a whole company, a range of courses and a strong community because we know just how hands-on bloggers love to get with their sites – that empowering feeling of learning a new skill, taking control of your site and driving your own success can’t be matched.

In 2015, we gave Nik the helping hand she needed. A little leg up, a bit of knowledge and we sent her on her way. Since then, she’s taken every bit of SEO advice in her stride, working on her site and achieving her dreams, literally!

And what have we been doing this whole time?

At least, not a single thing in Nik’s site. Instead, we’ve watched her take the reins on her SEO to unlock her blog’s full potential. In the meantime, we’ve captured everything we know about SEO (too much) and combined it with Nik’s experience. The outcome? A range of DIY SEO courses, just for bloggers.

Regardless of your prior SEO knowledge or skills, bloggersSEO gives you the perfect opportunity to be closely guided by a real SEO expert – someone who’s who’s passionate about your cause, knows the issues bloggers face like the back of his hand, and is here to help you break free from the monotony of an underperforming blog.

We make SEO simple – so you can focus on what you do best, and see the results you deserve.

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