What is Link Juice?
What Is Link Juice?

Before we even begin, let me stop you right there. You know what link juice really is? It’s dead. Consider link juice like a magical power that’s transferred like an STD… Eugh right? That’s the face you should pull next time someone tries to lecture you on the value of link juice. We’ve covered our stance on backlinks…

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What Is Domain Authority?
What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a score from 1 to 100 that predicts any given domain’s ability to rank well in search results. Coined by Moz and measured by their internal systems, it analyses the overall health and performance potential of a website. In theory, the higher the score, the better the authority of that domain (your…

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7 Best Ways To Get Your Guest Post Accepted
The 7 BEST Ways to Get Your Guest Post Accepted

One of the best ways to build your brand and extend your reach is with guest posting! There are COUNTLESS sites across the web that accept content from people just like you, with a steady stream of your ideal readers just waiting for you! Each site has their own set of submission guidelines, requirements and…

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4 Valuable Reasons To Regularly Audit Your Blog

Most time people hear ‘audit’, a tiny shiver goes down their spine and they shudder at the thought of tax season – but relax! A bloggersSEO Site Audit is nowhere near as painful as you might think, and can be done in only 20 minutes! You might be wondering why on EARTH we even do audits!…

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How to Fix Broken Facebook Link Previews

Picture this: you’ve spent hours on your latest post and it’s looking gorgeous! Helpful information spilling out the seams, and great SEO to boot. Your next step is to share it with your loyal social followers. But uh-oh, somethings gone wrong! Ever gone to share a post on Facebook, and your carefully crafted link looks a…

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What Is White Hat SEO?
What is White Hat SEO?

If you’ve read our post on Black Hat SEO, you might have an inkling on what this post is about! Essentially, there’s two types of SEO-ers: those who put in the hard yards to see real results and value added to their blog, and those who cut corners, ending up in a world of hurt.…

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What is Black hat SEO?
What is Black Hat SEO? How can I avoid it on my blog?

Black hat SEO is simply bad techniques designed to cheat Google’s extensive algorithms, that specifically break their terms of service. Black hat SEO is bad, for a number of reasons – generally, it aims to increase search engine rankings based on how robots perceive a site, rather than the human experience. It aims to deliver…

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Should I build backlinks for my blog?
Should I Build Backlinks for My Blog?

To start this post, we have one hard and fast rule here at bloggersSEO. Don’t build backlinks. Stay with me for a minute. I know you probably just gasped loudly – after all, you’ve been swamped in the past with “”good info”” telling you the ‘quickest & best way’ to get traffic and improve rankings is…

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How Much Time Does SEO Take?
How Long Does SEO Really Take?

When you run a blog, you’re not just lazily writing posts in between painting your toes and reading magazines – it’s hard work, and there are 1000 things to do at all times! Creating new posts, staying up-to-date on changes and new strategies, and being a being a one-woman marketing team. Let alone managing family…

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How to create annotations in google analytics
How to Create an Annotation in Google Analytics

 To start creating your annotations, log into Google Analytics. If you haven’t already set up your Google Analytics account and connected it to your blog, follow our simple WordPress & SquareSpace guide. Once logged in, quickly create annotations by navigating to any section in the side menu where data is displayed as a line…

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