What Is White Hat SEO?

If you’ve read our post on Black Hat SEO, you might have an inkling on what this post is about! Essentially, there’s two types of SEO-ers: those who put in the hard yards to see real results and value added to their blog, and those who cut corners, ending up in a world of hurt.

If you’re familiar with movie tropes, White Hat SEO represents the good guys – those who follow Google’s terms of service closely. Hiding in the shadows, are the ‘bad’ guys – people who use Black Hat SEO in an attempt to cut corners and cheat Google’s comprehensive algorithms to give them rankings they don’t deserve.

Why does it matter?

We’ve spoken at length about the similarities between humans browsing your site, and search engines evaluating its content and quality. While social media algorithms work to line the pockets of their creators, search engine algorithms (in particular, Google’s) work to deliver quality content and relevant results that encourage the user to continue using that search engine. If your search results were full of sites that took forever to load or totally irrelevant links, would you use that engine again? Nope.

So, Google hates what people hate. Call me a broken record, but it’s¬†true.¬†Good SEO (White Hat) actually works on improving the¬†user experience,¬†not fitting in with Google’s perceived ‘needs’.

While our counterparts are focusing on annoying their human audience in attempts to please robots, we’re out here teaching the good kind of¬†SEO to bloggers all over the world – bringing in more traffic than ever. And it’s not just sheer numbers – it’s high-quality traffic that¬†converts – readers that LOVE¬†what you do and they¬†keep coming back!

What’s the difference?

Black Hat SEO consists of sneaky ways to trick Google’s algorithms into giving a site rankings it doesn’t actually deserve – and they don’t work. In fact, they actually¬†ruin the user experience. Would you want to read a post that repeats the same word over and over, or the title you clicked on was¬†totally different to what the post was actually about? Let me get that for you: ugh,¬†NOPE!

So, what is White Hat SEO? Well, it’s fixing all the kinds of good stuff, that’s¬†important to humans. Not only does White Hat SEO make your content more visible in Search Engines, making it easier for humans to even¬†find the answers they’re after, it improves their overall experience on each post and page AND their overall experience on your blog. Sounds pretty great huh?

So what does White Hat SEO mean for your blog? Well, there are some changes ahead – but small tweaks and an adjustment here and there can lead to BIG traffic increase. Can you sacrifice a small portion of your time for outstanding results?

How Can I Do White Hat SEO?

There are countless blogs out there on White Hat SEO, but unfortunately, a vast number more on its evil counterpart – and it’s hard to navigate the mess. We’re here to bring you the best SEO advice available to bloggers – and we’re so committed we’ve wrapped it all into a neat little package.

Here are just a few areas you can focus on to get your blog performing like never before:

Site Speed:¬†It’s not the 90’s and dial-up is DEAD! Your content needs to be displayed in a matter of seconds to avoid readers dropping off before they even SEE your content.

Site Structure: does your site make sense? Is your content neatly presented, and easy for users to navigate? Or are they lost in a rabbit hole of links and pages that stop them from finding the content they actually want?

Effective Keyword Research & Proper Use:¬†the key (pun intended) between you and your audience, is the words you choose to represent your content – Google picks up on these and builds an understanding of your post, delivering it to readers who are searching for similar or matching terms. Without keywords, you’d be lost! There are Black Hat techniques to avoid, and exciting avenues of opportunity just waiting to be unveiled.

Are you ready to get optimised the right way? We can help you stay in favour with the Google Gods, your beloved readers AND increase your traffic!

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