We’ve been working hard to create a nurturing and supportive environment with a single purpose – to help bloggers improve their SEO. Now, we’re 3,100+ members strong, with bloggers from every niche around the world.

We pride ourselves on fostering a space for bloggers to come together and work on improving their sites – whether you’ve purchased our products or not, ALL are welcome in our community.

We started our group because we wanted to create something DIFFERENT.

BloggersSEO Support is all about being an open forum to improve your site. By harnessing the power of community, our group is your ultimate source of information to grow your blog, in every way possible!

We give you DIRECT access to one of the best SEO minds in Australia – and we’re confident enough to say in THE WORLD too. Jim Stewart is head of all things info at BloggersSEO, and has been deeply involved in the digital world for far longer than we’d like to think about. Jim’s very own Digital Marketing agency, StewArt Media, have been providing services and delivering outstanding results for Australian and international clients alike since 2002.

So why is it so VALUABLE and important to have Jim teaching our group?
He’s the link between your site’s current state (poor performance, low conversions, disappointing traffic) and the results you’re after – flowing traffic, skyrocketing conversions and a PROFITABLE blog.

How often are you given the chance to just LEARN?

Picking up a few tidbits of information and making friends along the way is a valuable part of the blogging experience, but we wanted to offer a new experience to our community. We’re constantly trying to add an extra level of knowledge to our members’ repertoire and help them work towards a better blog.

Our community is full of a wide variety of bloggers, at all stages of their careers and SEO knowledge – so our feed is full of new and different questions every day. We WELCOME lurkers and know that even without posting or engaging directly, our group provides a wealth of information and value to ANYONE who runs a website.

Our community is 3,100+ bloggers strong – and we’re only just getting started.