We have arrived back from the ProBlogger conference on the Gold Coast still buzzing from an awesome time. As always, it was an amazing experience to host sessions and we left with many fresh ideas and techniques to experiment with in our own blogs. Nick and I were pleased to meet many of you, sharing in your experiences and discussing the future of blogging. I just thought I’d put together a quick overview of some of the common questions we were asked, many of which will become blogs in their own right further down the track.

Some of you attended my SEO Masterclass on the Sunday, and I thank you for your attendance. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. For those of you who couldn’t attend, it was structured for experienced bloggers seeking to elevate their blogs to a higher level. I demonstrated my techniques for doubling traffic, perfect for those wishing to adopt a DIY approach to SEO. I showed the importance of creating checklists to monitor and maintain your blog SEO, and explained the importance of audience building in conjunction with SEO.

The Masterclass enabled attendees to leave knowing specific outcomes, such as whether Google hates your site, how to make your content search engine friendly, how to utilise Featured Answers to leap above the number one spot, and how to create and maintain checklists.

Feedback in the few days since our return has been great, so thanks to all that have taken the time to drop me a line. There were some common themes and questions that we were asked questions on, and we don’t have space to cover them all in great length here. Instead, I’ll list the major questions and will convert them into blogs later.

Some common questions were:


How to change them or redirect them. If you’ve already made changes,what should you do next? Should you use www or non-www? Is it a personal preference or will it affect your rankings? What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS sites, and should you move from one to the other?

Google Search Console

What is it and do you need it? If you do, how do you set it up and reap the rewards? Indexing and Sitemaps – What should you include in your sitemap and what should you hide from Google? Should you index tags, categories, posts, and pages?

Future SEO

What is on the SEO horizon? Rich cards, HTTPS, and Accelerated Mobile Pages are future avenues to grow your blog. But what are they? Do you need do adopt them now, and if not, when? What benefits will they bring to your blog?

As you can see, blogging SEO is constantly evolving, and each ProBlogger conference throws up new challenges and issues that bloggers will face to keep ahead of the game. In future blogs I will explore some of the above issues and questions raised during the ProBlogger conference to help increase your bloggersSEO knowledge.