SEO 101 Workshop

Your chance to learn SEO direct from the experts

Have you tried wrapping your head around SEO, researching where to start and what it all means, but never quite been confident enough to take the first steps?

Get the help you need with in-person help from the BloggersSEO and StewArt Media team.

Join us for a comprehensive two-day training session, covering everything you need to begin your SEO journey.

Have your favourite SEO nerds guide you through our specially designed content. You won’t be left behind or overwhelmed – we’re here for you every step of the way, working towards improving your blog.

Why learn with us?

With over 15 years specialising in SEO, our mighty leader Jim Stewart will be leading both workshop days. We provide a unique opportunity to sit down with industry leaders and work together on your site.

Our course was developed specifically for bloggers – we understand your changing needs and know what will work best for your site to reach your goals.

We’re proud of our team and know the information they provide is always going to be beneficial AND easy to understand.

Wait, what is SEO?

Remember that time you wrote your favourite article – perhaps on a new recipe, cute dinner spot or product review? Proud as anything, you typed the article name or your site into Google.

Aaaaaand, nothing.

Clicking through pages and pages of results, you weren’t there. Why? What was everyone doing so differently to have their page above yours? If you’re all talking about the same thing, how does Google choose who to show? And in what order?

Enter, the magic of SEO.

Really not magic at all, Search Engine Optimisation is the trick to getting Google to like your site. With constantly changing algorithms, Google and other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo, ‘rank’ sites in results according to their authority on a topic.

An always interweaving web of techniques, SEO covers a number of changes able to be made to your site to establish authority. From basic to advanced, there is always something that can be done to reach (or maintain) the illusive #1. Every change, no matter how small, will start helping you appear in search results for things you WANT.

Why should you want to appear in search results? Because that’s how people find things! The quicker your audience can get to your content, the sooner you’ll start seeing higher engagement rates and increased conversions.

Don’t rely on social media or other networks to drive traffic to you. Stop giving them MORE authority and leaving yourself in the hands of their fickle algorithms. Empower yourself and take control of reaching your audience by learning basic SEO techniques and optimising your site.

Is this your current approach to SEO?

– You’ve read some articles on SEO, which basically turned out to be sales content, skimmed some videos and forums, but were overwhelmed by the jargon and ever changing ideas.

– You tried to find your keyword rankings, and were lucky if you ranked at all. At best, you were on Page 2 – a mystical place where no one ever visits. Page 2 is the home of all those lost socks, and where people hide to avoid responsibilities. When was the last time you looked beyond the first page of search results? Same goes for everyone else, your audience included.

– You commited to finally sitting down, getting started and were excited for your blog’s new direction. Then your phone rang, or someone needed help with something, or the dog was barking, or you decided Netflix was better. That was 6 months ago, and now you’re reading this.

– Everyone keeps saying you need to “BE DIGITAL” to finally see profit. Except, you’ve already got a website, web store, too many social accounts and an iPhone that’s always hungry for Wi-Fi. How can you BE more digital? Is the secret two Twitter accounts!?


SEO isn’t usually a priority over all the other things that life throws at you. (Unless you work for us!)

Taking the time to switch off from everything else, focus on your site and take real steps to boosting rankings, traffic and income will be the biggest and most beneficial change you make to your site this year. Potentially, ever!

Stop trying to find time for your SEO – make time! Book in for our very first BloggersSEO workshop.

We’ll keep you focused as you actively work through tasks for each topic and make those well needed changes.

Not only will you receive intensive support during the two-day course, you’ll also receive ongoing support with a specialised Facebook group (dedicated only to those who attend), and checklists to track your progress and results in the future.

Most ‘workshops’ bombard you with information, hope you take enough notes, and send you on your way. You get home confused, probably spill tea on your workbook and never make those changes. Experience our favourite kind of workshop – where you implement skills WHILE you learn. You won’t be left alone, and the practical experience will help cement knowledge learned. Get confidence in your SEO abilities!

This particular workshop is designed for beginners – we work through and explain everything in language you can understand. At some point, our entire team was in a similar position as you – no SEO knowledge, limited tech skills but with a WILLINGNESS TO LEARN.

BloggersSEO gives you NO EXCUSES to not get the work done while you’re with us. In fact, we’ll do more than that. You get the opportunity to not only sit with the experts, but have them help you implement the changes, answer your questions and achieve those higher rankings!

So what are we teaching?

Covering the fundamental SEO principles, this workshop introduces the core topics to early site improvement. Each module can be built up to advanced levels, and will be integral in your site’s progress.

Our SEO Courses
SEO Fundamentals - Pricing

Keyword Research

Keywords are how your audience find your content. Understanding how users found (or might find) your site is key in deciding what to rank for, and tracking goal progression.

Yoast SEO Configuration

Yoast SEO is an immensely popular WordPress plugin designed to simplify basic SEO tasks, while still allowing the user refined and in-depth control.

Search Console

Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) enables the user to submit sitemaps to the Googlebot for faster crawling, manage indexed pages, track crawl rates and locate errors.

Content Structure

Google is only a robot, and therefore can’t interpret the words on your website. Correctly structured content not only helps Google make sense of your posts, but also provides benefits for the human reader.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used industry wide, and provides insights into audience behaviours, acquisition and traffic levels. Most importantly, it helps you track changes to see what is or isn’t benefiting your site.

Site Speed

How quickly the content on your site loads on a user’s device depends on how well optimised it is. Web users are used to a quick delivery, and often turn away (see: leave) if your site isn’t loaded within a few milliseconds.

SEO Checklist

About the event

Our very first workshop is hosted at our StewArt Media offices in Melbourne, Victoria. Only a 25 minute drive from the CBD, a minute off the freeway, and free onsite parking, you’ll love our workshops even just for the logistics!

Running from 10am-4pm on Tuesday 16th & Wednesday 17th of May 2017, you’ll be provided with delicious food and beverages, on top of all that expert knowledge!

Receive ongoing suppport through our attendee-only community, and checklists to monitor and continually improve changes made after the event.

All we ask is you bring a willingness to learn, a laptop or tablet to implement live changes, a positive attitude and complete super simple pre-event work – we’ll send you detailed instructions on how to sign up for our essential tools beforehand.

For any questions or enquiries, shoot us an email at [email protected]

We’d love to hear what you’ve got to say!

This course is designed for WordPress bloggers with beginner SEO knowledge. Please contact us to discuss further if you use another platform or have prior experience.

Please note the StewArt Media offices are located on the second floor, with stair access only.

Our course in action:

“Jim & his team at StewArt Media have helped take our SEO on from zero to a number of #1 listings in Google.

When Nikalene met Jim at ProBlogger, we didn’t even have Google Analytics installed! Our organic Google traffic has increased by 500%! We have found all of Jim’s training very straightforward and he always goes above and beyond to help 🙂

If you don’t have any prior knowledge of SEO or perhaps you feel like you could be doing better, his program is a great point to start.”

Skinnymixers Logo

Amanda Smyth

I wanted to say a big thank you for your advice at ProBlogger last year. After your talk and our chat, I went back and really concentrated on fixing all my previous recipes so they might be suitable to display as rich cards. It’s really paid off. I’ve jagged a couple of rich cards and a few featured answers. It’s an avenue I wouldn’t have pursued without your advice, so thank you.

Amanda Smyth – Cooker and a Looker

Lisa Scott

A big thank you to Nick and Jim for helping me sort out a recent indexing issue. Well, Google indexed it over the weekend, the post was ranking quite low yesterday (around position 30), but today it’s in position 8 (page 1). Thanks guys – I’m finally on my way to conquering SEO!

Lisa Scott – Make + Do

Krystal Kleidon

So freaking excited! Thank you a million times over for you help. Since you fixed my disaster – I now not only rank #1 on Google for one of my keywords but I also have a featured answer!! Happy dancing all over the place right now!

Krystal Kleidon – The Daily Femme


SEO Fundamentals - Pricing

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