Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers

At bloggersSEO, you’ll know we’re a MASSIVE fan of Facebook groups – so much so we started our own! If you’ve got a question, it’s almost guaranteed there’s a niche community just waiting to give you the right answer. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, and sifted through the THOUSANDS of blogging groups to bring you the best of the best – where you can find real information, get fantastic answers and start building your own blogging support network.

To help save you from that bottomless Facebook Newsfeed full of intrusive advertising and a flurry of cat videos, we’ve been lurking (and actively participating) in nearly 300 Facebook blogging groups for over a year – yeah, really. We didn’t just read the bios, or strike up a deal with admins – we’re real members of these groups. It’s also how we know we’ve got the best SEO advice & community going around, but that’s really for you to decide.

Check out our top 7 FAVOURITE Facebook blogging groups, and why each one is a valuable resource to help you grow your blog. There are too many posts out there like this one already, so we’re changing it up a little bit – these groups aren’t just places to share your latest blog posts, join Instagram pods or seek Facebook likes – you can find posts full of those with your eyes closed. Our top choices are full of REAL advice about growing and improving your blog, in virtually any way possible!

Don’t be shy about joining as many groups as you want – we’ve put together a handy guide (at the bottom of this post) on how to save your personal newsfeed being swamped by all that valuable information – AND how to get even more out of each and every group you join.

Before we get started, head over to our very own Grow Your Blog | bloggersSEO Support Facebook group!

1. ProBlogger Community

ProBlogger Community

If you’ve been around for a little while, you’ll know it’s no secret we’re big ProBlogger fans. Darren Rowse and his crack team cater for bloggers of all kinds (hey, we do too!), from total novices to veteran superstars looking to refine & improve their work. They run two main hashtags (#ask and #tip) that allow you to get ANY blogging question answered, and share your own advice! The group is based on members supporting and teaching each other, and with 10,000+ members contributing, it’s MORE than active!

2. InstantBoss Club

InstantBoss Club

Instagram can be just as finicky as Facebook when it comes to algorithms, and mastering it alone can be nothing short of an uphill battle. Similar to the SEO world, there is LOTS of bad (and potentially harmful) advice floating around about how to quickly increase followers – Jennifer Lackey’s group is here to bust those myths and make sure you’re actually growing an engaged and beneficial audience, that translates into real customers.

3. Social Boss with Caitlin Bacher

Social Boss With Caitlin Bacher
Where can you find 27,000+ entrepreneurs growing their business? Right here, in Social Boss! If you’re familiar with our SkinnyMixers story, you’ll know the difference an active and highly engaged group can make to your business – AND the incredibly positive effects it has on SEO. Caitlin Bacher’s group helps any entrepreneur (or blogger) start, and nurture their own community. If you’ve got a question about Facebook groups, this is the ONLY place to go to get it answered.

4. Rising Video Rockstars – Jessica Stansberry

Rising Video Rockstars with Jessica Stansberry

Over at bloggersSEO we’re a big fan of YouTube, and smashing out video content – Jim’s been creating content for his YouTube Channel since before it was even a thing… (don’t ask us how that works) and we go live at LEAST weekly in bloggersSEO Support – but not everyone is as comfortable with the concept of video as we are. Jessica Stansberry is here to teach you ALL things video – whether it’s the tech and software you need to produce the best video for your budget, anything and EVERYTHING YouTube, or how to use video to build your brand (and be comfortable doing it!), this group is your #1 resource for upping your video game.

5. Savvy Business Owners – Heather Crabtree

Savvy Business Club With Heather Crabtree

Looking for advice on how to turn your blog into a business? Heather’s community has you covered, for literally ANY part of the process. Need a designer? Wondering what kinds of sales and promotions to run on your products – or what products will work best for you? Join, and you’ll have nearly 14,000 female entrepreneurs to help guide you on your journey!

6. Facebook Ad Hacks – Cat Howell

Facebook Ad Hacks with Cat Howell

Whether you’re still not sure if Facebook ads are right for you, or you’ve have given them a go and haven’t quite got the results you’d hoped for, you’re probably looking for expert guidance – how does 30,000+ Facebook ad experts all in one place sound? Even if you’ve NAILED your sales funnel and ad targeting, you should always be striving to be better! If you have no idea where to start, you’ll learn more than enough just from lurking.

7. The Rising Tide Society

The Rising Tide Society

While this group is aimed at creative entrepreneurs, it has a HUGE photographer membership – but don’t let that put you off. TRTS is an incredibly active and supportive community and is a great resource simply to bounce your ideas off of others. You’ll regularly find members posting about branding and design choices, and getting honest, INDUSTRY BACKED feedback from others. Members also often consult on client and business-related issues – that industry-backed knowledge I just mentioned translates into ‘lawyer stuff’ and proper client management – if you’re not sure if a sponsorship offer is spam, or how to hand a difficult email, you’d better ask the Rising Tiders.

Overloaded with groups?

This is the only part where Facebook lets us down – sometimes we want to separate our personal lives and our blogging development, even if it’s only for a few hours. We’re all about that work-life balance, and a good cat video goes a long way (I recommend sending your best to [email protected]). Luckily, Facebook has a feature that allows you to remain in all those groups you need, without them appearing in your newsfeed.

In any group you’re a member of, you’ll find a small menu just below the cover photo. If you click on the ‘Join’ button, you’ll find a drop-down where you can choose to ‘unfollow’ that group, rather than leaving and losing your access! Unfollowing groups means their content will no longer appear in your newsfeed – so make sure to think how valuable their content is, and whether you’d like to see it as it happens, or only have it available when you need it and seek out that group.

Want even MORE content from your groups?

Our FAVOURITE option is the next one – have a group you love and just can’t get enough of it? Even if you follow a group, you might not see every post that goes through – or even many at all. Facebook’s algorithm is finicky, and shouldn’t stop you from constantly improving your blog! Again, in the menu under any group’s cover photo you’ll see a ‘Notifications’ button that allows you to be directly notified when new posts are added – and select how often! These notifications appear with your usual notifications, and you’ll need to find your own balance between notifications from your groups and from your friends.

There are four options available, and it’s easy to switch between them whenever you need! The ‘All Posts’ option is great for groups (like ours) that have a multitude of highly focused posts that could apply directly to your blog without even realising it!


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